N /House of Artists: N026806
N° SIRET : 379 115 439 00018
Born in Paris in 1955. Catherine Noizet Faucon lives and works near Lyon

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Baudry Workshop of Art and Decoration, Paris.
Martenot School of Plastic Arts and Art Education, Lyon.

Professional Experience

    • 1990 / 2005: Mediator-lecturer at the Palais Saint Pierre, Museum of Fine Arts in Lyon
    • 2004 / 2009: creation and animation of the Plastic Arts Workshop for adults and children at the Social Centre “La Condition des Soies”, Lyon.
    • 1980 / 1983: creation and animation of the Plastic Arts Workshop at the Social Centre “Recherche et Rencontres”, fighting against isolation in Lyon
    • Since 2010 I accompany a research group in plastic arts at my workshop: Tuesday from 14 am to 16 pm and from 18 am to 20 pm.

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Design of stained-glass windows on demand

The fascination with light effects.
Design of stained-glass windows on demand, together with Joel Mône, master glazier in Lyon.

Exposition “Conversations”

Du 1er au 30 juillet 2019 Espace REX Le Pouliguen
4 rue de la plage

Vernissage le mardi 2 juillet à 18 h
En présence des artistes :

Baudry, Camier, Maler, Noizet-Faucon, Pastiau, Roux, Raasch, Troubat, Winckler, Zablot